Deep Spader

Deep Spader, this fork has 5 forks to loosens soil to a depth of cm 25.

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This fork has 5 forks to loosens soil to a depth of 25 cm, allowing garden roots to reach deep for nutrients and moisture.Deep Spader breaks up rather than overturns the soil, so that your surface organic matter is not buried.Pointed tines are welded steel alloy, cm 25 long, with a width of cm 50. The handle is designed by 2 pipe of m 1 long, to give strength.


All these tools will:

  • Deeply aerate soil. Our tool aerates  25cm deep for more water and nutrient uptake by your vegetables
  • Offer an alternative to double digging. Deep Spader deeply loosens the soil, removing the need to double dig beds.
  • Increase water percolation for less wasted water
  • Preserve soil structure for root development & worm habitat which means, bigger more vibrant plants
  • Replace the need for a rototiller. No need for the noise, gas, fumes, and shaking hands.
  • Need no expensive maintenance

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2013-11-07 Mariano Sala. Doble Horca Con esta herramienta, que no debe faltar en la caseta del huerto, resulta menos cansado que con la tradicional azada, ya que la horca de doble mango facilita un trabajo silencioso, en profundidad, sin invertir las capas de tierra , y sin doblar la espalda.
2013-11-07 Manuel. Ideal para el laboreo, descompactador, permite una excelente aireación de la tierra.


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