Water Smart Flow Meter

Irrigation according to requirements – as much as needed and as little as possible
With the Water Smart Flow Meter and a glance at the display, you can keep an eye on responsible consumption.

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Connect and save water
The Water Smart Flow Meter is equipped with a round cell battery and can be reliably used right away.

Read clear measurement values – act immediately

As you know the water consumption per day, per season and per plant, and as you can read the current flow quantity 1:1, you can quickly react and adjust the water quantity accordingly. This also renders the Water Smart Flow Meter ideal for the dosage of fertiliser.

Easy operation – one button for all functions

With one press of a button, you receive an overview of the water consumption. This makes the Water Smart Flow Meter an important means of control for environmentally friendly irrigation.

Safe operation

The impeller indicator on the display rotates for as long as water is flowing through the Water Smart Flow Meter, thereby indicating that the Water Smart Flow Meter is currently active and measuring the water-flow quantity. With the battery-level display, you can see when the battery needs to be changed.

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