Red radish seeds

Red radish seeds, root variety, red with a white tip. It is very tough to go. Usually eaten raw, but can also be cooked.

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  • Sowing time: direct seeding into the field to broadcast: April to July and from September to January in Mediterranean climate. From April to October in continental climate.
  • Planting depth: Put 3-4 seeds per hole to 0.5 - 1cm deep.
  • Crop frame: 5 cm between plants and 20 cm between rows
  • Sun Exposure: All
  • Watering: Regular and frequent. The radishes tend to glean if the soil is dry and lacking irrigation.
  • Harvesting: From June to early October and from November to April in the Mediterranean climate. From mid-June to December in a continental climate. If harvested too late the radish can be empty and bitter taste.

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2013-08-26 Laura. Propiedades Los rabanitos contienen una gran cantidad de Vitamina C (un importante antioxidante) y constituyen un gran remedio antiescorbútico. Su consumo ayuda también a la inhibición de células cancerosas. Además, los rabanitos tienen la capacidad de augmentar la flora intestinal, lo que ayuda a mejorar la digestión. También tienen propiedades diuréticas.


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