Spinach seeds

Spinach seeds, variety has large leaves, fleshy oval. It is a very good production.

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  • Planting time: (direct or sown at random) From August to October and February to March in Mediterranean climate. From August to September in continental climate.
  • Planting depth: Put 3-4 seeds per hole 1-2 inches deep. sown at random with a dose of 5 g/m2.
  • Crop frame: 30 cm between plants and 30 cm between rows
  • Sun Exposure: Tolerates shade and moisture.
  • Irrigation: Frequent, regular
  • Harvesting: From December to early March and from May to June in the Mediterranean climate. From mid-December to mid-February in a continental climate. We can start by cutting large sheets selectively (picking 1-2 months), or root cut once they reached their maximum development.

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2013-08-26 Laura. Propiedades Las espinacas son ricas en vitaminas (A y C), sales minerales y betacarotenos. Se recomienda para la anemia ya que tiene un elevado contenido en hierro. Las espinacas también son anticancerígenas gracias a su elevado contenido en Vitamina A y betacarotenos. Las espinacas también ayudan a prevenir enfermedades cardiovasculares.


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